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25 May 2018

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New Kurdish group in Syria will fight both Takfiris and the Kurds!
Turkey has set up a new Kurdish military organisation as a part of the Free Syrian army
Saudi Arabia is happy about Russia’s withdrawal of troops from Syria
Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir claimed that ar-Riyad finds this decision as a positive step as it will make Bashar Assad make concessions


Erotic will be banned for use in Uzbekistan ads
Uzbekistan advertising law is to be amended. According to the new rules, sexual content will be banned for use in commercial advertisements
Tajikistan introduced criminal penalty for the sexual abuse with the use of witchcraft
The criminal penalty is introduced for the “sexual abuse with the use of witchcraft” in Tajikistan


The Centre of Partnership Banking opened in Kazan
The Centre of Partnership Banking was opened in Kazan. “Tatfondbank” project will provide for non-interest credit financing which is widely spread in the Muslim countries all over the world
Egypt lost more than a billion dollars within 3 months as Russian tourists stopped going to the country
Egypt tourism loses millions after the death of Russian tourists in a terror attack


Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev: “Islam will dictate the world what to wear”
Famous TV-presenter and fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev made a few statements with regard to the prospects of the Muslim fashion during his visit to Naberezhnye Chelny city
Saint Petersburg grand mosque construction
One of the characteristic features of the Russian State history is that there has always been a mixture of various cultures and lifestyles in it


Did “Rubin” football players argue about the Russian shot down jet?
As reported by SporTerim, the Russian military jet shot down by Turkish military caused a conflict between two football players of Kazan “Rubin” Maxim Zhestokov and Gökdeniz Karadeniz
German football players greet immigrants
German football fans demonstrated that the refugees from Syria are welcome in their country


New Muslim social network “” launched
As there are about 300 million Muslim Internet users all over the world, the project authors are confident enough that a new social network will become popular.
Arabic astronomy
Many scientists of the Arab Islamic civilization were specializing in astronomy and the related to it fields of mathematics.


Hi, jihad! Is that you?
If you ask Sheikh Abu Yandex what a man needs, he will tell you about the three basic things which are support, fidelity and sex. Murshid ibn Google will give you almost the same answer
Ilham Aliyev: “Where are universal human values, democracy, human rights and mercy?”
The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev claimed that Islamophobia has turned into one of the state policy courses in some countries


It takes 5 days for an ISIS recruiter to turn an ordinary Tajik into a jihadist
ISIS emirs shot down own fighters to boast of shakhids number they have
Mossad officers adventures in Germany
A curious incident occurred in the small town of Quarnbek in the northern Germany. The German town has sent Israel the bill for pulling out two secret services agents of Mossad out of mud


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