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15 March 2016

Erotic will be banned for use in Uzbekistan ads

Erotic will be banned for use in Uzbekistan ads

Uzbekistan advertising law is to be amended. According to the new rules, sexual content will be banned for use in commercial advertisements. Advertisement of gambling games software is also to be forbidden.

The main purpose of these amendments is not to let adverts have an impact on the young generation. Therefore, they are planning to ban advertisements on the printed products used in kindergartens, schools and universities.

It is forbidden to advertise products and use images of genuine or toy weapon or children in extreme situations. Advertisers are not allowed to encourage people to buy such goods.

As reported by CA-News, advertisements are not supposed to create misconceptions for the under-age as far as the products’ price is concerned. In other words, phrases such as “it is only … (price)” or that “it is affordable for any family” are not to be employed.

Children are not to be encouraged to increase the number of meals they have per day or substitute their stable diet with some soft food or sweet goods.

As for energy drinks, their adverts should be accompanied by a warning about the harm they might do. There should be a list of counter indications too. No less than 10 per cent of the advert video is to be devoted to this warning.

In addition to this, manufacturers of the baby food will not be allowed to present their products as an appropriate replacement of breast milk and promote advantages of bottle feeding.