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19 February 2018
14 January 2016

Muslim migrants from Saint-Petersburg are sent to the mosque for re-education

Muslim migrants from Saint-Petersburg are sent to the mosque for re-education

The committee of inter-ethnic relations and migration politics of Saint-Petersburg developed a book of reference for the migrants.

Among other recommendations, migrants are not advised to demonstrate their religious behavior or their preferences as far as moral values, dress code and appropriate behavior outside temples, mosques and religious communities are concerned. This does not refer to the days of religious holidays.

According to the rules, they should consult local Muslim communities with regard to the celebrations of religious holidays and the best way to perform their religious duties.

Men are reminded that Russian women like to wear nice clothes and look well when being outside. Yet, this does not mean that they are willing to get acquainted with anyone:

“Russian women manage to have their family life and build a career. Women like to wear nice flattering clothes. This is the way to demonstrate their independence. It does not mean that they are willing to meet or get acquainted with anyone. It is not accepted to get to know other people outdoors”.

It was pointed out in the reference book that it is unacceptable to use children’s labour in Saint-Petersburg. Children are not loaded with hard work about the house and at parents’ workplace.

They also tell the readers about qualities of Petersburgers. They say that the citizens of the city love their place very much and are careful of the historical monuments they have. They are tolerant and respect other people and their social position. They have a good Russian language. They are neat and have a healthy lifestyle.

“Not all of the Petersburgers are characterized by these qualities. Most of the traits mentioned above are typical of any cultured person, no matter where he lives and what nationality he or she is of. Yet, if you try to behave according to such an example, you will be respected by the citizens, neighbours and your friends. You will be able to get on well with all of them”.

It is worth reminding that a 5-months son of the labour migrants from Tajikistan Umarali Nazarov died under unclear circumstances in October last year. Nobody bears responsibility for the baby’s death.