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19 February 2018
01 February 2016

Statistics reject the negative image of Muslims

Statistics reject the negative image of Muslims

Recent terror attacks coupled by ISIS activities (the organisation is forbidden in Russia by the Supreme Court) did extensive damage to the image of Islam as a religion of peace which has nothing in common with terrorism. Mass media created an image of a Muslim as a bearded man with a gun in his hands has been stuck in the consciousness of the ordinary people and contributed to the increase of Islamophobic mood in a number of non-Muslim countries.

Migrant crisis in Europe contributes to the negative attitude not only to Muslims, but to Islam overall. Sex attacks in Cologne on the eve of 2016 bred further discussions with regard to the destiny of Muslims in an alien territory.

Statistics reject the negative image of Muslims

Yet, according to the statistics, the crime rate in Muslim countries is considerably lower than in Europe and the US. As for Russia, since 2011, the less crime-prone regions of the country have been the republics of the North Caucasus. The economic research centre “RIA-Analitika” started publishing the ratings alike since 2011. The initial versions of this monitoring were widely criticised for the absence of crimes’ differentiation. The data from this year’s report is presented in accordance with illegal acts. Yet, the situation does not seem change because of this. Muslim regions demonstrate the lowest level of the crime rate.

It is commonly known that the image of a Muslim is associated with terrorism which implies felonious homicide with the purpose of society intimidation. Having this in mind, we will look at the murder records across Russia. Although the North Caucasus is considered to be a terrorists’ lair, the murder records per 100,000 people are much lower than in any other regions of Russia. The murder records in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia are estimated as 2,5 and 4 victims accordingly. The highest murder level is registered in Tyva (45 people) and the Zabaikalye Territory (26 people).

The same tendency has been revealed in the world. The records of felonious murders in Muslim countries are three times less than in Europe or the US. This fact shows that terrorism is just a tool used by someone to satify their political interests. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam as a religion.

As for crimes committed by migrants in Europe, one of the reasons might be that descendants from the Middle East and North Africa lose their attachment to their community which provided them with safety and social order back at home in their countries. This kind of attachment was based on Islam. Those who migrated to Europe earlier have already managed to settle down in Europe. Those who have just arrived to Europe, first of all, need to integrate into the existing Muslim communities of the continent which do not oppose themselves to the Western rules, but try to advance Islamic values by doing social meaningful activities. Muslims should set a good example to their brothers by their own positive behaviour.