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15 March 2016

Tajikistan introduced criminal penalty for the sexual abuse with the use of witchcraft

Tajikistan introduced criminal penalty for the sexual abuse with the use of witchcraft

The criminal penalty is introduced for the “sexual abuse with the use of witchcraft” in Tajikistan. The punishment for this crime is from 3 up to 8 years in prison. The parliament has already approved of the law which forbids witchcraft and magic. The punishment for the use of magic is 7 years of imprisonment.

The increased number of incidents alike made those in power tighten the legislation and introduce the point about the “sexual abuse with the use of witchcraft”. Last year some mullah Abdulvohid Kodirov tried so hard to “exorcise a jinn out” of his patient that the patient died. It was found by the police that in order to “exorcise a jinn”, mullah was beating the man with 7 wooden canes until they fell into pieces. He then made a few cuts on the patient’s body and under his tongue. Blood loss and bodily blows caused death of the 19-year old man.

The other so-called healer known as Mullah Jabbor made some young men depredate a local entrepreneur by means of his spells.

“Mullah-sorcerer” Asadullo Ibrohimov was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2013. The criminal proceedings were instituted once the video where he performed some movements of sexual nature appeared online. The female patient reported that the mullah promised to cure her of infertility.

Known as Mullah Sobir, religious figure Sobir Garaev was jailed for 23 years for marrying his under-age step-daughter. The president of the country Emomali Rahmon criticized these crimes which dishonor the name and image of the religious person and Muslim. As reported by “Moskovskii komsomolec”, the government of the country introduced amendments to the criminal codex approved of on the 4th of March.