Today: Friday
25 May 2018


Islam is embedded in the culture of Muslim countries. Islamic culture is based on three main disciplines: reading and interpretation of the Holy Quran (the Islamic law Sharia has derived from Quran guidelines), the science of Hadith and the science of law.

Start of the national Muslim culture

The Arabs have always managed to adopt international advanced ideas. For instance, Muslim scholars and engineers adopted iron-processing technology and production of steel. The Arabs were the first to use the compass and to produce paper. Muslim scholars made a great number of scientific discoveries.

Muslim cultural traditions

Islam has a certain code of conduct. It pays special attention to eating habits. These are some of its points:

  • • Eating and drinking only with the right hand;
  • • Drinking alcohol as well as being around drunken people is forbidden;
  • • Eating pork and pork-derived food is forbidden.

Women’s rights in a Muslim society are also described. For instance,

  • • A faithful Muslim can have more than one wife on condition that he is able to support them all;
  • • A woman has the right to keep her child in her custody until he reaches seven years of age;
  • • There exist certain requirements with regard to female clothing style (clothes should be loose and decent).

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