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Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

A prominent Russian journalist and a human rights activist Maksim Shevchenko, who is currently in Syria, posted a publication about the situation in Syria on his Facebook page. Our portal presents his analysis to your attention

There is a myth that under the rule of Bashar Assad, Syria was an Alawi tyranny managed by the Shia groups which suppressed Sunni Muslims. This is a blazing lie and those who spread it are liars.

Up to 2011 Syria was one of the most open countries in the world. It was the most multi-sect and democratic countries in the Middle East. Damascus, Homs and Haleb were full of the advanced youth from London, Berlin, Paris and Rome. They tended to arrive to the country to have fun in local cafes, to listen to music and to smoke narghile.

Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

One could walk late at night in Damascus, Homs or Haleb and there was nothing to worry about. It was absolutely safe both for men and women. Were the Muslims abused? I remember that in 2000-s women started wearing burqa (loose enveloping chadri with a net on a face) in Damascus. Unlike France, Russia and Germany, nobody worried about that in Syria. You could see a girl in a short dress walking hand in hand with a woman in burqa.

There were many independent and open theological Sunni schools in Syria. The Dagestanis, Chechens, Tatars and other representatives of Russia studied at these schools. They can confirm that the government did not intervene into the Islamic education at all.

Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

The main condition was not to interfere with politics. Nobody would harm you if you minded your own business. They could pressure on someone if he started go into politics, no matter he was a Sunni, Alawi or a Communist.

One of the most luxurious hotels (Four Seasons, Sheraton and Meriton) were built under this “tyranny”. The roads in Syria need no advertisement. Homs-Damascus highway would be the honour for any European country talking about “Alawi tyranny”. Electric power plants, modern factories, organic and the most delicious fruits and vegetables in the world were in Syria. All these factors made the agricultural regions of the country very wealthy. New oil and gas fields were opened in the country.

Besides this, Alawi Syria of Assad provided shelter for 600 thousand Palestinians, 1.5 million Iraqi and about 2 million Lebanese during the Lebanese war. Syria was supported neither by the international, nor the Gulf coalition.

The head of HAMAS was seated in Damascus (until they realized that it is safer and more profitable to be in Qatar) as well as many others. It was Syria who provided Hezbollah with victory… Syria was the only Islamic and Arabic group and political party who did not shout slogans at meetings burning the American and Israeli flags and fought the IDF by the cost of destruction on its own territory.

It turned out Assad did not fight Israel well enough… Hypocritical…

Look at Turkey which is the member of the NATO. Israel is its political partner despite all this quasi-conflict between Erdogan and Peres and theatre with Gaza Freedom flotilla. It looks really cool. Turkey defends Palestinians.

Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

Look at Qatar which is trading with Israel and keeping HAMAS on a tight leash (is this a part of the arrangement with Israel?)
Look at Saudi Arabia which sentenced a Palestinian poet to death for atheism (???) the other day. It buys Israeli military technology. Saudi Arabia coupled with Israel toppled poor Mursi.

So Syria is a bad country. It is a tyranny. Syria is an Alawi, Baasi, Rafidi country which should be set free. The people of Syria fight for their freedom. Who do they fight against? What for do they fight?

The closest allies of the United States, NATO and Israel are near Syria. These are the kingdoms where people are beheaded, Christianity is forbidden and there are no human rights at all. There are massive prostitute markets in the countries such as United Arab Emirates and Qatar. These countries have Western groups stationed on their territory which kill Muslims from the air…There are many Salafis in the Saudi prisons, whereas Bashar released all the political prisoners including Islamists in 2011). Yet, Jihadi fighters with Alawi tyranny and Western humanists are not open to hear about that.

Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

The war took place afterwards. There were events in Daraa. Who were those military officers of mukhabarrat abusing children and insulting their parents? Where are they now? Aren’t they in Jordan, Qatar, UAE? It was not like Syria at all.

Obviously, nobody is going to seek for those who cut into pieces the officers after having tormented them, killed their children and raped their wives on the way to Daraa.

The country sank into dismay: execution of demonstrations, strung city mayors, horrible groups which cut out people’ hearts and kidnapped people. As confirmed by the Syrians, there appear a lot of US dollars cash in the country.

A lot of cash allowed to form militia units.

Did the citizens of Al-Zabadani, for example, live a good life up 10 2011? Were they the Alawi slaves or subordinates of the Christians and Shia? Were they rich smugglers trading weapon and other things with Hezbullah, Harrir and others… Were they poor? Don’t be ridiculous. Just go about Al-Zadani (it is currently destroyed) and you will see and Rublevka in Moscow has got nothing on it! Everybody knows how they lived.

Everybody wanted to take Assad away.

Maksim Shevchenko: What is going on in Syria?

Of course, the Arab Spring is coming. Course free for the spring… Assad who lived all his life in London with his English wife and was considered a friend of Erdogan in 2009 (the families spent their holidays together) turned out to be the devil incarnate.

This is where a dirty geopolicy starts. All these kingdoms and emirates of the Gulf which are considered to be the quintessence of Islam and democracy, Erdogan’s Turkey which is the NATO member and Israeli partner, EU and Israel decided to abolish Syria and annihilate its stable national and democratic government. They decided to split its territory between themselves. Golan is for Israel, whereas Latakia, oil, a little area of waterside and transit mains are for the Gulf kingdoms.

This is the cause of the war. As simple as that.

Once the war starts off its mincing machine, hunger, bombardment, ethnical and religious murders, executions, torments, propaganda and lie are everywhere.

A life is for life now in Syria. Life of children in Ghouta is in exchange for the life of children in Damascus. I was in a three-room flat in Damascus where seven little children live with their parents. They ran from different cities from the murderous gangs. It is 6 degrees below zero outside, the wind is very strong and there is no heating in their flat. They only have running water for a couple of hours per day and the light is on for four hours per day. The sources of water and energy are in hands of freedom fighters. My apologies – I forgot to say that they are Shia. Let them kick the bucket then…

The war in Syria is of the most wretched acts of the “progressive mankind” and its dear friends – kings and emirs of the Gulf countries.
Syria will fight up to the end. It will fight for democracy, freedom, equality of all the religions in front of the state, territorial integrity and national independence.

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