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07 July 2015

The Iranian nuclear programme as a part of Russian-American dialogue

The Iranian nuclear programme as a part of Russian-American dialogue

Due to the situation in the Ukraine, Russia-United States relations are not at their best. Yet, these two countries cooperate quite closely and efficiently as far as the Iranian nuclear programme is concerned. They both put all their efforts to achieve a decision which would suit all the parties.

Russian and American establishment tends to have a bottom line position which allows them to turn the blind eye to the disagreements between them.

The US act on the basis of not allowing Iran to become a dominant factor in the Middle East. According to the US, nuclear weapon will lead to the increase of the war threat in the region.

This would potentially lead to a military intervention into Teheran. The Americans, including the President Barack Obama cabinet, have discussed this many times. Moreover, Israel and its lobby insist on not allowing Iran to develop even atom for peace programmes.
As far as Russia is concerned, it cannot let an American-Iranian war start. According to the American negotiator of the “Six” mediators Gary Seymour, Moscow is extremely interested in significantly reducing America’s presence in the Middle East. “Russia is not willing to see the United States bombarding countries everywhere,” adds Seymour.

The Iranian nuclear programme as a part of Russian-American dialogue

So, Moscow-Washington talks can be considered as a channel of developing somewhat joint and suitable for both parties positions in the Middle East. During negotiations with the US foreign secretary John Kerry in Vienna, the minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov said that “… the parties are looking for the ways to resist ISIS threat together.”

Russia and the US have got opposite opinions with regard to Bashar Asad regime. However, according to Seymour, this issue pales into insignificance due to the necessity of finding ways to resolve ISIS issue together.
Lavrov’s comments after Vienna negotiations imply that the parties reviewed a number of questions which would be almost impossible to discuss under any other circumstances.

The Iranian nuclear programme is crucial for Moscow as it needs an ally in the Middle East. Russia takes advantage of the disagreements between Riyadh and Washington. This seems to be reasonable, but Iran looks like a more beneficial partner both in the mid and long run. In this respect, economics plays a significant part. Moscow and Teheran co-develop a great number of projects in energy, military and scientific fields. In the words of the Iranian ambassador to Russia Sanaei Mehdi, the two way trade volume between the two countries will grow from 5 billion US dollars and reach 70 billion US dollars in the nearest future.

At the moment Russia is trying to secure its footing in the Middle East. It is hardly possible to resolve both the problems of the Middle East and the whole world without Russia. The US politics failed and therefore, a unipolar system of international relations will be soon dramatically changed.

Egor Matvejchev