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21 July 2015

US ambassador to Russia: Moscow and Washington should oppose ISIS together

US ambassador to Russia: Moscow and Washington should oppose ISIS together 

US ambassador to Russia John Tefft visited Tatarstan. He met with the representatives of American business, Tatarstan Republic authorities, students and journalists.

Due to his wide working experience, Russian mass media nicknamed John Tefft “a colour revolution architect”. Kazan journalists could not but touch this while interviewing the ambassador. Mr. Tefft assured everybody that he was no more than a career diplomat and abode by the US government decisions. He pointed out that throughout his entire career, he dutifully followed the guidelines issued by his country’s leaders, no matter what party they belonged to.

John Tefft does not think that the last year events in Kiev can be considered as an uprising. “With regard to this, an ambassador’s part should not be overestimated The US politics as far as Georgia, Ukraine and Russia are concerned aims at maintaining a civil society,” he says.

The American ambassador admitted that he read a lot about Tatarstan and its history. Obviously, this is partly due to his educational background in history. He was interested in the way people of different cultures live together in Tatarstan. Tefft noted that he was happy to visit Tatarstan during Ramadan which is a sacred month for all the Muslims. The US representative understands the importance of this month as he was working in the Middle East for a few years.

US ambassador to Russia: Moscow and Washington should oppose ISIS together

The issue of “Islamic State” has also been discussed at the meeting. According to the diplomat, Russia and the United States should cooperate with each other to fight against this radical group. “Muslims all over the world deny the violence this organisation promotes”, he pointed out.

John Tefft remarked that despite having opposite positions with regard to the situation in the Ukraine, Russia and the US can effectively collaborate in many other fields. Among the most crucial issues are situations in Syria, Iraq and the Iran nuclear programme. The American ambassador reminded us that recently there have been negotiations in Sochi and John Kerry took part in them. He met with Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin.

In the meantime, Moscow and Washington work together on less obvious international politics lines. For example, a group of American experts visited Moscow few weeks ago to discuss the problem of the nuclear weapon in the North Korea. “There is a range of meetings and negotiations where various problems are raised. US president Barack Obama has always supported the idea of Russian-American collaboration. The US is eager to work with Russia to resolve their common problems. Russia should be a flourishing country with the help of which we would be able to deal with global challenges. We are doing our best not to allow our positions with regard to the Ukraine have a negative impact on our cooperation in other areas. We would like to build up our relationship in various fields, including economy. Tatarstan Republic is a good example of Russian-American cooperation in education and economy.”