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25 March 2016

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “All the migrants should be deported from Europe”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “All the migrants should be deported from Europe”

As reported by RSN, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) and the Duma deputy speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky called the European politicians to deport all the refugees to ensure safety on the Continent.

“There is only one solution which is to deport all the migrants from Europe. It concerns not only those who have arrived within the last two years, but even those who arrived before that,” claimed the Russian parliamentarian. In his words, Europe should start deporting migrants and stop welcoming anyone.

The politician also encouraged the Europeans to train their security and intelligence services so that to make ways of fighting terrorism more effective.

“It is not worth funding Turkey. It is better to invest in Special Forces’ preparation. European Special Forces are weak, they are unable to do anything”, noted Zhirinovsky.

According to the LDPR leader, European countries should ask Russia for help as it has always had a lot of experience in fighting terrorism.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “All the migrants should be deported from Europe”

It bears reminding that the terror attacks at Brussels airport killed 17 people and seriously injured 100 people. Sometime later after the explosions at the airport, there were four explosions at different underground stations of the Belgium capital. According to the mass media, the stations are Maalbeek and Schuman. They killed 10 people at least.

The Belgian television informed that three suicide belts charged with explosives have been found. The police claimed that three bombs were used for two explosions at the airport.

The radical organisation “Islamic State” (it is forbidden in Russia and other countries) claimed responsibility for the terror attacks.