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12 November 2015

Adolf Hitler second appearance: Nazi fighting to gain support from Muslims

It is quite common nowadays to criticize religion and various forms of worshipping by means of intentional falsification of fundamental principles of the sacred Scriptures. Mass media often makes attempts to show religions as a doctrine promoting violence and murder. As a rule, they use some statements taken out of a context to support their arguments.

It is worth noting that falsification of the Sacred texts is not typical of the present days only. German Nazi applied the same method more than 70 years ago. They had somewhat different purposes though.

During the Second World War, the second Reich administration tried to gain over Muslims to reinforce their position in the North Africa. Heinrich Himmler was one of the most influential proponents of attracting Muslims on the Nazi side. The military commander Himmler ordered to find out what ayats (verses) of Quran or hadiths might have been used to impose the idea that Adolf Hitler was a follower of the Prophet Muhammad mission (peace be upon him) on Muslims.

Adolf Hitler second appearance: Nazi fighting to gain support from Muslims

Having analysed Quran, the German specialists reported that there was nothing that could be used for such a purpose. Yet, the Nazis found some other way out of that situation. They decided to declare that Hitler was the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) as his second appearance is mentioned in the Holy Quran. Moreover, the German claimed that the time of Dajjal’s (according to the Christian tradition, Dajjal is called Antichrist) appearance has come. He was claimed to be a Jew and Hitler was supposed to fight him.

Adolf Hitler second appearance: Nazi fighting to gain support from Muslims

The Nazis spread about one million Arabic brochures among the Muslims of the North Africa which contained the following:
“Oh, Arabs! Don’t you see that the Dajjal time has come? You will recognize him. He is a fat Jew with curly hair. He fraudulently rules the world and takes Muslims’ land away. Oh, Arabs! Do you know the slave of Allah the Almighty? He (meaning Hitler) has already come to this world and directed his spear against Dajjal and his followers”.

It is not random that they described Dajjal as being fat and curly-haired. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) described Dajjal in one of the hadiths in the following way:

“He is short, very fat and dark-skinned. His head is big and he has curly hair of dry dust colour…”

That campaign of the German Nazi was not to succeed as most of the North African Muslims did not bite the bait.

Almir Khabibullin