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25 July 2015

Erdoğan: we help the Turkmen, not ISIS

Erdoğan: we help the Turkmen, not ISIS

Despite the Turkish government keeps refusing that it supplies ISIS with arms, new facts on Turkey financing the radical militants have been revealed.

On May 29th, 2015, The Turkish newspaper «Cumhuriyet» published a series of images which show the Turkish National Intelligence transferring weapon, equipment and medicines.

Erdoğan explained the situation by putting blame on Gulen movement working against Turkish Intelligence Services. The President also pointed out that the newspaper editor-in-chief Can Dundar would pay the “highest price” for publishing the notorious article. Erdoğan accused him of supporting Fethullah Gulen movement. The complaint against Dundar has already been filed. Moreover, the access to the online version of the article was denied by the court decision.

Turkish authorities reassured that the trucks were full of humanitarian supplies for the Turkmen in Syria. There are about 100 000 of them in Syria.

Erdoğan: we help the Turkmen, not ISIS

The issue of the weapon supplies has been discussed for a long time. Dozens of Turkish military officers were arrested for transporting arms to Syria in January 2014. The arms eventually fell into the radicals’ hands. Secret video recordings and official documents concerning these events were posted online by hackers. Initially, the establishment of the party in power refused the fact of supplying arms. Yet, it later started to deny incontrovertible facts and their arguments were changed to completely opposite ones.

At that point, the President of Turkey claimed that it was a high treason and all those found responsible will be subject to punishment. However, he has changed his mind again. In his current opinion, the last year’s law suit against the Turkish officers and soldiers was illegal.
The National Intelligence is a kind of shadow foreign policy service under Justice and development Party rule.

Apparently, the opposition is doing its best to find the ruling party errors. Therefore, there will be political raws before the July elections. Yet, these events should not be interpreted only in the perspective of the forthcoming elections. Tukey was found to assist the radicals multiple times. So the truth which offends Erdoğan’s eye is coming out.