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19 February 2018
29 December 2016

ISIS is one hour flight from Europe

ISIS is one hour flight from Europe

While Russia and the international coalition headed by the US are attacking ISIS (terrorist organization forbidden in Russia), Takfiris occupied the Lebanese city Sirte. It is an hour flight from Sirte to the south coastline of Europe.

Sirte was captured unopposed. First, a small group of people gave an oath to the self-proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The number of this group has increased dramatically. It currently controls the area of 40 km to the west of Sirte and almost 80 km to the East. The group endangers the safety of Ajdabiya town and Benghazi city. Sirte has a strategic position as it connects three regions: Fezzan at the south, Cyrenaica at the east and Tripolitania at the west. Besides this, this city is situated close to the main oil terminals in Breg, Ra’s Lanuf and Sidr. Ra’s Lanuf might become another safe resort for the ISIS leaders. It was reported earlier that Abu bakr al-Baghdadi transferred his headquarters from Mosul to Sirte. Under the current unstable political situation in Libya, it is highly expected that ISIS leaders will call their fighters to move from Syria and Iraq to the North Africa. Some radical groups from the Middle East are already on the way to this land.

ISIS fighters control almost all the roads leading to Sirte. The order common in Syria and Iraq is being established on the captured territory. The number of militants in Sirte is estimated as 3-4 thousand people. Two-thirds of them are foreigners from Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Chad and Nigeria.

ISIS is one hour flight from Europe

There are two main causes of Libya being captured by the terrorists. First of all, there is no function government in the country. There is no state as it is. The governments in Tobruk and Tripoli compete with each other. Their arguments have led the country to the state of despair. Secondly, about 200 young jihadists returned to the country. They took part in military operations in the Middle East with ISIS and “Jabhat an-Nusra” (this organization is recognized as terrorist and is forbidden in Russia). They destabilized the situation in the country by spreading their beliefs.

Libya needs to be supported by the international community which should impact Tripoli and Tobruk so that they accept the plan developed by the UN to establish the united function government. This is essential for creating proper military formations which could manage military operations on land. The international forces will conduct operations from the air. Next, the UN should raise an embargo on the weapon which has been laid since 2011. This will allow a new government to receive the required equipment to oppose the radicals. Finally, Turkey and Qatar should stop intervening into the home affairs of Libya. If the international community does not take some actions as soon as possible, they will have to conduct war with the opponent bedded down very close to Europe.

(Based on the materials from Al-Monitor)