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19 February 2018
13 August 2015

Medvedev: Russia and Iran will strengthen their ties

Medvedev: Russia and Iran will strengthen their ties

Prime minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to the Egyptian journalists. He paid his special attention to one of the most important events of this month – Iran nuclear deal.

The prime minister claimed that Iran nuclear agreement will strengthen the Moscow – Teheran relations so that they will further develop in other fields.

“Russia and Iran have always been on friendly terms. The agreement reached in Vienna opens new opportunities for us to strengthen our ties,” – said Dmitry Medvedev in his interview to “Al-Ahram”. The Russian prime minister pointed out that Russia has always insisted on political and diplomatic decision of Iranian-Western discord with regard to the nuclear programme.

Medvedev: Russia and Iran will strengthen their ties

It is worth reminding that after more than 20 months of negotiations on an agreement, the nuclear deal has been signed in the capital of Austria by Iran and a group of international mediators. Among them were representatives of Russia, the US, Great Britain, France, China and Germany.

Dmitry Medvedev believes that the agreement with Teheran will contribute to the peace restoration and stability in the Middle East
“We hope that the joint plan of actions will not only help to restore regular and stable political and economic relations between Iran and the international community, but will also ensure peace and stability in the Middle East.”

According to the agreement between Iran and the international mediators, Teheran will be restricted to a certain extent as far as its’ nuclear activities are concerned. The restrictions are imposed in return of economic sanctions’ lifting. The joint plan of actions has been recognised as the international document after the adoption of the UN special resolution on July 22. In accordance with the resolution, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will pursue the monitoring of Teheran nuclear programme performance.