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23 March 2016

New Kurdish group in Syria will fight both Takfiris and the Kurds!

New Kurdish group in Syria will fight both Takfiris and the Kurds!

Turkey has set up a new Kurdish military organisation as a part of the Free Syrian army. It is meant to both confront ISIS (this terrorist organisation is forbidden in Russia) and groups of national defence forces which act on behalf of the Syrian Kurds.

The group is called “Grandsons of Saladin” in honour of the medieval commander of Kurdish origin. It has already managed to regain some villagers conquered by ISIS Takfiris in the area between Jarabulus and Azaz. This was achieved by means of the bombardments of the Turkish artillery and missile strikes. As reported in the news, ISIS killed two citizens of the Turkish Kilis city in response to that.

It is quite likely that due to Turkey’s support of the “Grandsons of Saladin” group, the Syrian conflict might get escalated and make the Kurds to confront each other. Ankara aims to stop the advance of the national defence forces which might lead to the loss of territories for Turkey. The leader of the “Grandsons of Saladin” group Mahmud Abu Hamza said in his interview to the portal “Middle East Eye” that organisation is financially supported by Turkey. The United States provide the rebels with weapons. Mahmud Abu Hamza believes that the group should be considered as a part of international coalition against ISIS.

There are about 600 members in the “Grandsons of Saladin” group. Most of them are from Afrin in Aleppo district. Interestingly enough, the military organisation with the similar name was functioning in 2013. Yet, its members joined other groups at some later stage.

New Kurdish group in Syria will fight both Takfiris and the Kurds!

In the words of the “Grandsons of Saladin” leader, actions of the national defence forces inflame the war between the Kurds and Arabs. It seems though that his rhetoric is driven by the line of the Turkish authorities.

Apparently, Ankara aims at splitting the Kurdish liberation movement. National defence groups are the most effective forces confronting ISIS. It is Syrian Kurds who insist on creating a federation in Syria. Both Russia and the United States support Kurdish military groups. Yet, the government of the United States claimed that information about them funding the “Grandsons of Saladin” group is false.