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15 December 2015

Rawil Gaynetdin as a mediator between Putin and Erdogan

Rawil Gaynetdin as a mediator between Putin and Erdogan

As informed by RIA “Novosti”, Russia muftis council is ready to assist Russia and Turkey to settle their relations which have worsened after the Russian jet shot down by Turkey.

“We believe that Russian Muslims should act as peacemakers. We have been and will be peacemakers,” – stated the Grand mufti of Russia Rawil Gaynetdin.

Discussing the incident with the shot down jet, the religious leader noted that the muftis council decided not to comment upon that: “we do not know the causes and what triggered the situation”.

In the mufti’s opinion, both sides need to “calm down”. The Grand mufti is sure that the point of no return has not been crossed and there is a chance to reach a compromise be means of negotiations”.

Gaynetdin pointed out that conflict situations are often resolved not by political decisions, but rather by means of “human relations”. He also said that he gets on well with Recep Erdogan.

Rawil Gaynetdin as a mediator between Putin and Erdogan

The mufti was criticized for not commenting upon the incident of the shot down aircraft. The notorious analyst of Islam Roman Silantyev, for example, said that the Russian muftis council is devoted to Turkey and double-faced. In Silantyev’s point of view, Gaynetdin’s silence confirms this fact. Silantyev believes that the conflict between Ankara and Moscow damaged Gaynetdin’s interests who cooperated closely with the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs.