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19 February 2018
06 August 2015

Saudis threaten Kuwait with annexation

Saudis threaten Kuwait with annexation informs that the deputy crown prince and minister of defense of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman threatened Kuwait with annexation on the ground of disagreement over the joint oil field exploitation.

The Saudi prince accused the neighbouring country of ingratitude towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). In his words, the Saudis released Kuwait from Saddam Hussein occupation.

The recent oil conflict is the cause of such a strong statement. Kuwait minister of oil sent a letter to Saudi Arabia demanding to restart oil extraction at the joint oil field called “Khafji” and to pay an indemnity for putting a stop to oil extraction.

Saudis threaten Kuwait with annexation

It is worth noting that the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been growing for a while. This is due to economic conflicts caused by two joint gas and oil fields (“Vafara” and “Khafji”) situated at the two countries’ border.

Kuwait voiced its protest against Saudi Arabia agreement with the American oil company “Chevron” to exploit these oil and gas fields. Saudi Arabia did not agree its decision with Kuwait.

Oil and gas fields “Vafara” and “Khafji” occupy the area of 5,000 square kilometers and the oil production reaches 500 thousand barrels per day. According to the contract signed between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait 50 years ago, these fields belong to the joint jurisdiction and can be exploited by the both sides.

Almir Khabibullin