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20 July 2015

Ukraine is a gateway to jihad in Russia

Ukraine is a gateway to jihad in Russia 

The online media outlet “Russian Planet” claimed that the US authorities give instructions to the Ukrainian government to cooperate with radical groups covering under Islamic slogans.

The spokesman for the United States Department of State John Kirby declared that official Washington instructs Ukraine as far as the presence of the radical Islamists’ on the territory of ATU is concerned.

Despite its political failures in the Middle East, the US remains unaltered and prefers to act in the same manner. In the words of John Kirby, Washington advises the Ukraine how to control and manage the Islamists. The US Department State representative refused to go into more details.

Earlier on, the New York Times published an article about former participants of Aslan Maskhadov’s Chechen armed gangs. It is believed that they are involved in military operations in the Donbass region on the side of the Ukrainian army. There are several squadrons of the Chechen Wahhabi in the south-east Ukraine. They consist of about 30 units. One of the most well-known is the squadron of Johar Dudayev who was the head of the first separatist movement in Chechnya.

Ukraine is a gateway to jihad in Russia 

The leader of this squadron is some Isa Munayev. According to him, hundreds of former participants of military operations in Chechnya and Dagestan are coming to the Ukraine these days. Isa believes that the enemy of his nation is anyone who does not agree with the idea of eliminating Russia as a united country.

In addition to this, ISIS recruiters are coming to the Ukraine too. They are seeking for new recruits to fight in Iraq and Syria. The West believes that the separatists, supported by Russia, fight with the Ukrainian government in the Eastern Ukraine. However, the reality is much more complicated and does not seem to be that straight forward. Armed military operations of the volunteer defense force might lead to disastrous consequences. Interestingly enough, the volunteer defense force is authorized by the government, but it does not seem to follow its instructions as much as Kiev and Washington politicians wish. The volunteer force is mainly financed by the Ukrainian oligarchs.

Ukraine is a gateway to jihad in Russia

“Russian Planet” refers to the military expert Marat Musin who is sure that Chechen and Kirghiz militants are conveyed from Turkey, Iraq and Syria to the eastern Ukraine to fight against separatists from Donetsk and Luhansk People’s republics. They are also targeting Russia. The agreement has been reached between the Ukrainian national organisation “Right Sector” leader Dmitry Jarosh and ISIS leaders through the Americans. The ultimate goal is to wage war in Russia.

Moreover, the so-called Islamic factor can be used somewhere else. We have already discussed the official Kiev’s attempts to drag the Crimean Tatars into military struggle against the militants from people’s republics. Yet, the leaders of “Milli Mejlis” Mustafa Dzhemilev and Rifat Chubarov call to start bloodshed in the Crimea itself.

The US applies its favourite approach of creating “controlled chaos” on the appealing territories. Therefore, conflicts in Russia and its outskirts are essential to establish the global dominance.

With respect to this, the US President’s slip of the tongue about the “Islamic State” fighters’ training seems to be quite believable.

Adapted from “Russian Planet”