Today: Friday
25 May 2018


Sport strengthens our health and spirit. Islam encourages people to go in for sports. History shows multiple cases when the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recommended to take up some types of sport in order to be physically ready to repulse external aggression and build up believers’ health. A Muslim should have both a high moral ground and a strong healthy body.

According to Islam, most of the sports types are permitted. The exception is sports that involve hitting an opponent’s face or head. This is explained by a high value of human life in Islam. This is why all life-threatening kinds of sports are forbidden. Another requirement which should be fulfilled when taking up sport is that aurat should be covered.

Great Muslim athletes

IslamReview covers the latest sports news. You can find stories about famous Muslim sportsmen on our website too. Muslim football and hockey players are admired not only by other Muslims but by all the people in the world.