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11 March 2016

Mossad officers adventures in Germany

Mossad officers adventures in Germany

A curious incident occurred in the small town of Quarnbek in the northern Germany. The German town has sent Israel the bill for pulling out two secret services agents of Mossad out of mud.

Although the incident took place in December last year, all the details were disclosed this this week only after the report on “NDR” TV channel. It followed the article in the Israeli magazine “Haaretz”.

The armed agents from Israel turned out to be surrounded by the locals when they entered the special territory in the harbor of Kiel. Their car got stuck in the mud. The local woman noticed this and called the police. A farmer with a tractor managed to pull the agents out. The Israeli intelligence agents claimed that they were going to watch the sailing regatta.

However, it was soon found that the men sail under false colours. With the police, fire brigade and local farmers on the scene, they produced official papers to show that they were Israeli intelligence officers and were allowed to carry weapons.

The mayor of the town Klaus Langer said: “Residents of our town want to know how these people got a permission to travel around the country with weapons”.

The Israeli agents were reportedly watching the transportation of the submarine to the port of Haifa situated to the north of the Palestine. Despite such an embarrassing incident, Israeli naval forces received the Dolphin-class submarine “Rahav” at its disposal in the beginning of 2016.

The town council of Quarnbek requests the embassy of Israel in Berlin to pay a bill of €1,263 by way of compensation for the incident.